Childhood is a time of innocence, and it's easy to dismiss children's media as harmless because of the simplicity with which most of its audience will approach it. The truth is all media is created with a message, and the messages we send to our children may be the most important of all. The same innocence with which they approach the world leaves them less equipped to analyze the underlying intentions. As an offshoot to my main blog, See Jane Juggling serves as a place for some analysis on the messages children's media send. My perspective is admittedly biased toward gender and race concerns, but I would love to hear from you about your other viewpoints as well. Rate the media (explanation of ratings to the right) and leave a comment, and together we can shed some light on these complicated decisions.

List of All Reviews

List divided into medium and then alphabetically by title.

Jon Scieszka's Trucktown on the Move! (Rating: Y)
Listening Time (Rating: Y)

The Last Unicorn (Rating: Y)
Tangled (Rating: M(G)
Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales (Rating: N(G, R)

The Mighty B! (Rating: M(G, R)

Fisher Price Brilliant Basics (Rating: N(G)
B. Toys (Rating: Y)

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